Established in 2009, Sidekick Films is a Melbourne based film and television collaboration between Bethany Young and James Birrell.


Sharing specialisations between all forms of the production process, the two has a vast folio of work varying from writing short films to synchronising audio for feature films, from editing music videos to collaborating on feature-length documentaries. Animatics, animations, corporate videos, production assisting, audio design, live event videography, much more and everything in between.



James and Bethany began collaborating at Swinburne University of Technology, Diploma of Screen (Film and TV). They worked on a motion typography piece together, James taking the writing and voice over components and Bethany producing and animating the piece.


The two found themselves sharing various production roles over numerous different short film and documentary projects throughout their studies. At their graduate diploma screening Bethany and James took awards for 'Best Editor' (of 'Graveyard Shift') and 'Best Writer' (of 'Gavin') respectively. The following year in their studies of the Bachelor Degree of Film and Television at Swinburne, the two started work on a short narrative called 'Smothered'. Heavily involved in the entire production, 'Smothered' received a Gold Remi award at Worldfest in Houston, for best 'Fantasy/Horror'.


During this time they also created, directed, hosted and edited a six-episode TV series called 'Swarm of Shorts'. Based around screening short films created in Melbourne and interviewing young filmmakers on their process.


Since graduating, Bethany and James were both engulfed in work in the United States, whilst still keep regular videographer work happening back home in and around Melbourne, Victoria.